In a world where anyone can copy your product, business model or technology, the only true competitive advantage is the emotional connection forged with your users.

To do this, you need to inspire belief in your idea. To stand for something greater than the product’s functionality. You need to build a brand.

Brand is the sum of the experiences and perceptions that people have about a product or a company; branding is every effort to affect those perceptions.

Therefore, every decision that an early stage venture makes influences the delivery of their brand and stakeholder perception. 

At Listen, we enable our portfolio companies to build a framework to make decisions and drive communication. We call this Brand Purpose.

Our proprietary Brand Purpose framework serves as a filter to stay true to what you stand for, and ultimately unlock the most meaningful expression of the entrepreneur’s vision.

Purpose driven brands foster internal alignment, inspire organizational behavior and deliver delightful user experiences. A consistent, authentic and transparent delivery of your brand attracts believers. And building a community of believers is the only way to truly differentiate and create sustainable competitive advantage.

Turn ideas into brands.